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LIU Post Bolsters Campus Sustainability with More Recycling Locations


Stephanie Koithan,Internal Communications Coordinator
LIU Post, Long Island University

Recycle Big BinLIU Post now has more recycling locations than ever before. The Coca-Cola/Keep America Beautiful Bin Grant Program has provided LIU Post 40 new recycling bins, shaped like Dasani water bottles.

“The LIU Post Recycling Program has expanded recycling efforts to nearly every part of campus,” said Billy Achnitz, LIU Post sustainability graduate assistant. So far, 20 of the 40 bins have been placed in strategic locations throughout the campus. Many of the bins are in high traffic areas, particularly the various eating locations on campus.

These bins are located in:
-Kahn Hall Lobby
-Bookmark Cafe (Library)
-Hillwood Fishbowl
-Hillwood East/West Cafe
-Pratt Concession Stand
-Phys Ed Department (Back of Pratt)
-The POD (Pell Hall)
-Lorber Hall
-Fine Arts Building

Other bins are used for offices/departments that generate a lot of bottles and cans, but have not had a recycling bin to place them in. A few additional bins will be kept in storage so that student clubs and organizations will be able to request the bins for their programs and events.

“We hope that these bins will produce more visibility and improve recycling efforts on campus,” said Achnitz. “We also wanted to bring recycling to new areas on campus that have never had a recycling bin.”

Posted 10/19/2012

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