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Dr. Bob Brier, Noted LIU Post Egyptologist, Joins Provost Lecture Series


Jennifer Davidson,Director of Community Relations
Long Island University, LIU Post

As part of the LIU Post Provost Distinguished Lecture Series and in conjunction with an exhibition of non-western art at the Hillwood Art Museum on the university's Brookville campus, world renowned Egyptologist Bob Brier will speak on the subject of Egyptomania.

Dr. Brier, whose book "Egyptomania" is scheduled for publication in 2014, will appear Tuesday, October 9, 6 p.m. at the Hillwood Commons Lecture Hall. A reception follows at the art museum.

Dr. Brier's lecture is part of a series of presentations associated with the exhibition "Art Collecting On A Global Scale: Non-Western Objects from the William Randolph Hearst Archives," which opened on Thursday, September 13. The exhibition documents a considerable range of William Randolph Hearst’s non-western art objects and provides entry into an unchartered chapter of his unique approach to collecting.

Brier's lecture delineates the world's fascination with ancient Egypt, which he says has been with us since Roman times. In addition to examining Hearst's Egyptian holdings, he will describe the events that spurred Egyptomania and the collectibles that they spawned -- from Mummy movies to Wedgwood teapots with crocodile handles.

Bob Brier is one of the world's foremost experts on mummies. He was the first person in 2,000 years to mummify a human cadaver using the exact techniques of the ancient Egyptians. In 1996, his research and subsequent book, "The Murder of Tutankhamen," presented his theory that King Tut, the boy king, was murdered in 1336 B.C. by his Prime Minister named Aye. He has worked in pyramids and tombs in 15 countries and is the host of award-winning television specials for TLC, including the series "Pyramids, Mummies & Tombs" and "Mummy Detective."

Author of several scholarly books, he taught philosophy and Egyptology at the LIU Post for 33 years before being appointed Senior Research Fellow in 2004.
Other lectures include a curator's talk on September 18, "The Inclusive Mr. Hearst," Dr. Virginia Raguin (October 11, 12:30); "The History of the History of Collecting," Dr. Stephen Bury (October 18, 12:30); and "Art of the Ancient Maya," Thomas Germano (November 1, 12:30 p.m.).

For information about the Provost Lecture Series, visit or call 516-299-3500 or email

Posted 09/11/2012

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