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LIU Post Professor Identifies Link between Methamphetamine & Fungal Meningitis


Rita Langdon,Associate Provost for Communications, Public Relations & Marketing
Long Island University, LIU Post

Crystal MethBrookville, N.Y. -- Fans of the hit show “Breaking Bad,” which returns for its final season Aug. 11, know all about the social ills associated with the methamphetamine (meth) trade.

Now, students and a professor at LIU Post have published new information on how the damage meth inflicts its users, affecting the lungs and brain.

The study by LIU Post Professor Luis Martinez and graduate medical biology students Dhavan Patel and Gunjan M. Desai shows how meth makes the lungs vulnerable to cryptococcosis, a fungal infection that can lead to meningitis. The research was published July 30 in mBio, a publication of the American Society of Microbiology, and accompanying story was published on its blog, mBioshpere.

The study was co-authored by Susana Frases and Radames J.B. Cordero of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Carlos M. DeLeon-Rodriguez and Joshua D. Nosanchuk of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and  Eliseo A. Eugenin of the New Jersey Medical School (Rutgers).

Posted 08/05/2013

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