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LIU Post Political Science Professor Authors Two New Books on Greek Philosophy


Rita Langdon,Associate Provost for Communications, Public Relations & Marketing
Long Island University, LIU Post

East Northport resident Michael A. Soupios, a professor of political science and political philosophy at LIU Post, has added two new books to his extensive list of publications.

The Greeks who made us book cover"The Greeks Who Made Us Who We Are: Eighteen Ancient Philosophers, Scientists, Poets and Others" is a 239-page work published by McFarland & Co., Jefferson N.C., 2013. Also released this year is "The Heretic's Handbook: A Contrarian's Guide to Modern Life," a 95-page book published by Outskirts Press, Denver, Co.

The author of numerous books, articles and papers on classical antiquity, Dr. Soupios is more recently acclaimed for his co-authorship with LIU economics professor and columnist, Panos Mourdoukoutas, of the book, “Ten Golden Rules: Ancient Wisdom on Living the Good Life” (2009). This book has been translated into eight languages. Dr. Soupios is also author of “The Song of Hellas” (2004) and “European Political Theory” (1985). Among the articles he has penned for Vera Lex are “Machiavelli and the Modern Assault on Natural Law,” “Callicles and the Inversion of Natural Law,” “Plato and the Natural Law,” and “Toward a Reformulation of Natural Law.”

Heretics coverDr. Soupios possesses eight graduate degrees, including four doctorates in history, political science, philosophy and religion. A U.S. Teacher of the Year Award nominee and recipient of LIU Post’s Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Service, his classroom objective is to encourage students to investigate ideas, to reconsider their own premises, and above all, to examine life, no matter how inconvenient or intimidating that examination might become.

Dr. Soupios pursues that objective in both of his new works.

Basing its origins in the notion that “the unexamined life is not worth living,” “The Heretic's Handbook” reexamines “prepackaged truths and manufactured conclusions” from an iconoclast's viewpoint. It consists of a broad range of unorthodox assessments and commentaries on such topics as Wisdom, God, Art and Beauty, the Virtues of Solitude, Personhood and What We Owe To Our Fellow Human Beings.

In "The Greeks Who Made Us Who We Are," Dr. Soupios introduces the contributions of Hellenic thought to a 21st century population which, because of globalization and multiculturalism, possesses a diminished appreciation of Western culture's uniquely human-centered worldview.

The book examines 18 seminal figures in the ancient world whose contributions to philosophy, science, law and art are foundations of the West's pioneering cultural pedigree – a “restless, intrepid habit of mind” dedicated to questioning conventions, unmasking “received truths,” and thinking outside the box to reach truths born of “unimpeded inquiry and critical assessment.”

"Even educated adults are seldom capable of providing even a rudimentary account of the Greek legacy," says Dr. Soupios. In "The Greeks Who Made Us Who We Are," his aim is to remedy that, through a contemporary reintroduction to such figures as Homer, Sappho, Phidias, Plato, Epicurus, Parmenides and more.

Posted 06/24/2013

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