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Campus Policies

Students in Au Pair ProgramWelcome to the LIU Post Au Pair Program.  Here are some guidelines to help make the course successful in many different ways.
LIU Post recognizes that students are adults and expects them to obey the rules and Campus Regulations. Students must take personal responsibility for their behavior. Violation of the Student Policies will result in expulsion and/or criminal charges. This expectation calls for behavior which demonstrates the five principles of the LIU Post Student Code of Conduct: respect for oneself, respect for others, respect for property, respect for authority, and honesty.


  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on Campus.
  • Illegal Drugs are not allowed at LIU Post.  You may not have or use them.
  • In case of an emergency please call Public Safety at 516.299.2222
  • Disruptive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Be considerate to others.  Do not run in the halls or make loud noises.
  • No outside guest is permitted inside dormitory.
  • The Campus supports Federal, State, and Local laws regarding illegal drugs, narcotics and other controlled substances. Possession or sale of such substances is a violation of Campus policy.
  • If fire alarm goes off, leave the building immediately and look for an AuPair Program staff member, Conference Services staff or Public Safety/Security.
  • Students who abuse alcohol will be asked to leave the campus without any earned credits or refund.
  • Lost room card/swipe fee $25.00
  • The threat of violence to any person, fighting, battery, verbal assault, threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person shall not be tolerated.
  • No smoking in any LIU Post facility.
  • You will be charged a damage fee if you leave the room dirty or damaged.

Enforcement of Campus Policies

The Office of the Au Pair Program, Conference Services and Public Safety are responsible for administration and enforcement of the Campus Policies.

The Office of the Au Pair Program reserves the right to ban any persons from campus who are in violation of house rules, engage in any prohibited activities, or are responsible for acts of intentional or unintentional damage.  Individuals who fail to comply with any provisions of these Policies or who violate any rules or ordinances pertaining to such matters will be asked to leave the Campus.  I have read the above guidelines and agree to abide by them.  I realize that failure to do so may result in me being sent home early and/or failing the course.