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Bomb Threat Procedures

In response to the most recent bomb threats directed at eight colleges and universities throughout the country, the C.W. Post Department of Public Safety is issuing this Crime/Safety Alert and reminding the C.W. Post Community of the Bomb Threat Procedures in place at our Campus.

Information has been provided to the Department of Public Safety that eight (8) universities across the country have received anonymous e-mail bomb threats. Searches at the affected institutions were conducted and no evidence of a bomb was found. Currently, these threats are under investigation by the FBI. It is important to note that to date none of the targeted institutions are located in New York State. Again, no explosive devices have been found and law enforcement officials said there was no evidence at this time linking the college bomb threats with the recent telephone threats directed at grocery and discount stores.

Should a member of the C.W. Post community receive an e-mail or telephone threat, it is imperative that his or she follow the procedure below and notify the Department of Public Safety IMMEDIATELY.

Bomb Threat Procedure

In the event a bomb threat is received by telephone, the call taker will attempt to ascertain as much information as possible from the caller and contact Public Safety immediately at extension 2222.

If a bomb threat is received by e-mail, the receiver will first print a copy of the e-mail, call Public Safety and then forward the e-mail threat to the Director of Public Safety at Under no circumstance should the receiver delete the e-mail threat.

Upon receipt of information of a bomb threat to the C.W. Post Campus, the Department of Public Safety will take all action steps as outlined in the Emergency Management Procedure Manual and the Department of Public Safety Standards of Operation Manual to ensure the safety and security of the effected area and campus community.

Local law enforcement authorities will be notified by the Department of Public Safety of all threats against the Campus. The Director of Public Safety or his/her designee will issue an "ALL-CLEAR" message after consulting with law enforcement and applicable campus officials, and only when all officials are in agreement that there is not an active threat to the Campus and the area is safe for students, faculty, staff and/or visitors.