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On January 1, 2012, Long Island University launched a rebranding and recruitment initiative for all campuses and educational sites of LIU. The branding campaign consists of new logos, tagline, messaging and advertising for LIU's six campuses, all under the "LIU" banner name. The initiative is designed to build broader recognition of the value of an LIU education, differentiate the institution from its private and public competitors, and continue to raise the University's profile nationally and internationally. This Q&A is designed to answer questions about the University's new rebranding and recruitment initiative. Inquiries should be directed to the Office of Public Relations at

What is branding?

Branding involves the use of an ownable combination of words and visual images that position an organization in compelling emotional terms for its key audiences. Branding puts a "face" on the University and its mission that is at once meaningful, student-centric, and reflective of the very essence of the University.

Why is LIU implementing a new brand identity?

Higher education is a competitive industry. In this challenging economic market, LIU seeks to recruit and retain the best and brightest students, faculty and staff. It must build and maintain widespread interest from many constituencies, including prospective students, parents, neighbors, government officials, alumni and donors. All of us at LIU need to consistently and continuously reinforce the University's new brand identity, both in image and in message.

How did the new brand identity campaign come about?

The Rebranding and Recruitment Initiative was commissioned by the LIU Board of Trustees. The trustees charged the University's marketing and public relations team with developing a campaign that would unify the University's identity across its campuses, differentiate the institution from its competitors, and reaffirm its student-centric focus. To that end, the University brought in industry expert John Ferrell, former creative director of Young and Rubicam, to collaborate with the institution's in-house marketing and public relations team on the landmark initiative, and a committee of trustees with marketing backgrounds was formed to oversee the process. Confident that this initiative will enhance enrollment and raise the institution's profile, the board unanimously approved the new branding initiative on October 21, 2011.

What does the new branding identity consist of?

The new University-wide visual identity program consists of logos with concise references to each LIU campus and carries the compelling positioning statement – FIND OUT HOW GOOD YOU REALLY ARE. The University's Board of Trustees approved the "LIU" acronym, campus names and positioning statement in October.

What are the new names of the campuses and major entities of LIU?

LIU Post
LIU Brooklyn
LIU Brentwood
LIU Hudson
LIU Riverhead
LIU Global
LIU Online
LIU Tilles Center
LIU Pharmacy

What is C.W. Post's name moving forward?

Long Island University has been abbreviated to LIU. C.W. Post will now be known as LIU Post. No commas, hyphens or dashes may be used in the name. The name LIU Post is considered part of the brand of the institution and will be reflected in marketing materials, logo items and signage. The legal name of the university, Long Island University, will only be used for purposes of compliance, including official documents such as transcripts, printed diplomas and New York State charters and registrations.

IMPORTANT: In correspondence to external audiences, please include the following disclaimer, notice or footnote: "The C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University is now LIU Post."

Why are the campus names being changed?

The University-wide visual identity program features logos with specific references to each campus -- shorter versions of campus names that are better suited to the digital era in which our students communicate and search for information (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, the Internet). For example, the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University will now be known as LIU Post. An abbreviated form of each campus name allows us to connect with students in a contemporary way; more efficiently build awareness about the campuses' link to the University at large, and retain the historical traditions and unique advantages at each campus. Our branding project is designed to build awareness of LIU, but the campuses will always have their own distinct character.

Can I use the name C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University?

No. The name of the campus is now LIU Post, which more effectively and directly conveys our standing as a campus of LIU, one of the largest and most comprehensive private university systems in the nation. 

Why is the C.W. not part of the new logo?

It is crucial to our branding strategy to emphasize our status as a campus of one of the nation's largest and most comprehensive private universities. This is why each campus name follows the same format -- the initials LIU, followed by a one-word campus name (LIU Brooklyn, LIU Pharmacy, LIU Online, etc.) LIU Post is concise and consistent with the branding strategy, yet immediately recognizable to New Yorkers who have informally referred to the campus by similar names for generations. The campus will continue to be known as Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus in certain formal documents, such as filings with the New York State Education Department.  

I am graduating in May 2012. What will my diploma say?

The University's name on your diploma will not change. The University's legal name remains Long Island University. Your 2012 diploma will be issued from "Long Island University" with a notation that you graduated from the C.W. Post Campus.

I graduated from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus in 2007. Can I get my diploma changed to reflect the new name LIU Post?

No. The university's name on the diploma has not changed. See above question.

When did the new branding go into effect?

January 1, 2012.

What is the university's new vision statement?

The new vision statement for LIU is: "FIND OUT HOW GOOD YOU REALLY ARE." Qualitative research conducted with focus groups at both of LIU's residential campuses showed that students responded best to stories of recent graduates with demonstrable outcomes—relatable alumni who were able to secure jobs in today's challenging economy. Such testimonials are being paired with a powerful new positioning statement-- "FIND OUT HOW GOOD YOU REALLY ARE."-- that challenges prospective students to discover their full potential at LIU. The faces and stories in the campaign will change over time, capturing the diversity of our campuses, but the tagline and branding will remain the same. You can see our new ads on the university website at and

Is this campaign just about creating new logos and taglines?

No, the campaign is a comprehensive approach to the way we communicate and represent the university, while logos are the visual representation of the brand and an important element in the overall campaign. By updating the LIU logo, we now have a consistent public image for all our campuses. The new LIU vision statement, "FIND OUT HOW GOOD YOU REALLY ARE", captures the spirit and direction of the university.

What are the costs associated with the branding campaign? Will it affect tuition prices?

The cost of the rebranding project is contained within existing marketing budgets. There will be no effect on tuition. The bulk of the expenses associated with the rebranding initiative will be covered by existing marketing budgets—funds that are set aside each year to run ads and create publications to recruit and retain students. Also, by unifying the University's identity under the brand name "LIU," each campus will benefit from the visibility of the ads for the other campuses.

How will the rebranding initiative affect the University's website?

Each page of the LIU website now features the new logo. The home page incorporates the campaign's visual images, advertisements and student and alumni success stories. These changes do not affect the site's existing functionality. LIU Post also has a new, easy to use web address.

Our new website URL is You may notice that some of our URLs still contain "/cwpost" (example: or The "/cw" will be removed over the next 3 to 6 months. Please note that all URLs with the "/cwpost" domains will remain operational during a transitional period, at least for the next 12 months.

How will the individual campuses be promoted?

The campaign recognizes and promotes the unique characteristics and personality of each campus. The new campaign provides a strategic framework that will allow us to continue to highlight each campus's unique offerings while reinforcing the fact that our students enjoy the expanded resources of LIU, one of the largest and most comprehensive private universities in the nation. Advertisements will feature students and alumni success stories and testimonials from faculty. In addition, the ads will highlight each campus's distinctive programs and promote campus events.

How will LIU advertisements benefit my campus?

All advertisements will carry the "LIU" brand, which will become the recognizable symbol of all our campuses. With a new unified image and a compelling tagline, each ad will benefit every campus. All advertisements are designed to highlight student achievements, to celebrate faculty in their roles as scholars and educators, to illuminate each campus's unique strengths and offerings, and to reinforce the notion that every unit of the University is an integral part of one of America's largest private universities. 

Why does the new logo contain a triangle?

The new logo consists of a "triangle". We chose to use a symbol to add meaning to the logo and make it more ownable. The upward-pointing triangle represents rising mobility and aspiration. The triangle also is commonly viewed as the Torch of Knowledge and as a delta symbol, which means change. These associations are a natural fit for a campaign that encourages students to achieve their potential through the transformative power of education. 

Where will I see this brand campaign?

Effective January 1, LIU has embarked on an extensive advertising campaign featuring the new logo and images of students on billboards in Times Square, Herald Square and the Theatre District; on Long Island Rail Road platforms and in LIRR cars; in NYC subway cars; in bus shelters in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens; in newspapers; in kiosks in area malls (i.e., Broadway Mall, Walt Whitman, Roosevelt Field); on billboards in high-traffic areas (i.e., LIE, BQE, 59th Street Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel); on social media sites ( and; and in other venues.

Where else will the new logo and positioning statement appear?

The elements of the branding campaign will be incorporated into various mediums, including the website, advertising, admissions publications, business cards, emails, social networking, language in press releases and publications, photography and other visual communications, stationery, apparel and other merchandise.

What events will be held to announce the new brand?

On February 1, 2012, the LIU Post Provost's Office will hold a brand launch celebration for students, faculty and staff during Common Hour (12:30 to 1:50 p.m. in Hillwood Commons lobby) to introduce the new logo and promotional items. At the event, students, faculty and staff will receive free t-shirts and raffle prizes that feature the new logo.

How should I answer the phone?

Thank you for calling LIU Post. This is NAME HERE. How may I assist you?

How should my email signature read, and what font should I use?

First and Last Name
XXXXX Office
LIU Post
720 Northern Boulevard
Brookville, N.Y. 11548-1300
Phone: 516-299-XXXX
Fax:     516-299-XXXX

The font for headlines is Helvetica Neue (preferred) or Helvetica. For body copy, please continue to use Goudy, Times New Roman or Helvetica.

Will the positioning statement "FIND OUT HOW GOOD YOU REALLY ARE." appear on all our brochures?

The majority of brochures and promotional materials will contain the above positioning statement. Please contact Marketing Services at University Center ( or 516-299-3163), for assistance with brand compliance or the LIU Post Public Relations Office at 516-299-2333 or

How can I get the new graphics and logo?

All campus departments are required to submit their marketing communications material to Marketing Services at University Center for review for brand compliance. Complete a Publications Requisition and submit it to Marketing Services at University Center, which provides full-service assistance in producing brochures, e-mails, web pages, flyers, apparel imprints and other collateral material using the appropriate new logos, fonts and graphics. Please plan ahead and provide Marketing Services with at least four to six weeks lead time. The email is The phone number is ext. 3163.

The Marketing Services department at University Center is creating a style and branding guidebook which will be circulated to all employees of LIU Post and will be available on our website.

I still have stationery and business cards left. Do I have to change them all to reflect the new logo?

Eventually every branded piece will be changed to the new brand, however, this will take some time. To be fiscally and environmentally responsible, use as much of your old inventory as possible before ordering new supplies. When you are close to depleting the supplies, please submit a Publication Requisition to University Marketing Services, which will assist you in printing collateral featuring the new LIU Post identity. Apparel such as lab coats and jackets will be replaced when they wear out or when supplies are depleted.

We have logos on many items such as t-shirts, polo shorts, banners, and brochures that we use on a regular basis. Will there be a definite deadline/timeline for us to stop using the items with our old logo and update with the new visual identity?

In the interest of cost containment and sustainability, please continue to use the old items and contact Marketing Services when your supplies run low and you need to update your stationary, brochures and other promotional items with the new visual images.

Where can I purchase apparel and merchandise with the new logo? 

At the start of the Spring 2012 semester, apparel and other merchandise (i.e. mugs, book bags, baseball caps) featuring the new LIU Post logo will be available in the campus bookstore and on the Barnes and Noble website at The bookstore also will provide a nostalgia section with "C.W. Post" apparel for interested patrons such as alumni.

What are LIU Post's new social media pages? (search LIU Post Alumni Network)

Will our school colors change?

No. The school colors will remain as gold and green.

Will the C.W. Post entrance signs change? 

Yes. The east and west gate signage is scheduled to be updated with the name LIU Post during the spring or summer 2012. Banners will be replaced first in a few high visibility locations, others will follow later.

Can I keep my school/college logo?

LIU Post's five colleges and many operating units will be incorporating the updated logo and "FIND OUT HOW GOOD YOU REALLY ARE" positioning statement into their respective college names to showcase their affiliation with LIU. Please contact Marketing Services at University Center for details at 516-299-3163.

Is the Post Athletics Department affected by the new branding campaign?

Since the University campaign is a multi-level, multi-year initiative, the Post Athletics Department will be addressed in a future phrase of the campaign. At this time, the teams remain the C.W. Post Pioneers and the "P" emblem is in use. The new LIU Post logo has been added to the Athletic Department website at LIU Brooklyn's Division I teams will continue to be known as The Blackbirds, and LIU Post's Division II teams will continue to be known as the Pioneers.

What if I have more questions about the branding project?

Please direct your questions via email to the Public Relations Office at or call 516-299-2333.