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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy at LIU PostIn 2007, a new geothermal central air conditioning system, designed to retrofit the Winnick House administration center, was installed at the foot of the Great Lawn.

This innovative open-loop geothermal well system consists of a supply well that is about 280 feet deep and two diffusion wells that are each about 230 feet deep. The system uses groundwater, a renewable resource, which results in reduced consumption of energy. Each year, the system provides approximately 120 tons of cooling to the Winnick House and an additional 40 tons of cooling to Mullarkey Hall.

Awarded with the Platinum Award for Excellence in the category of Energy from the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC), the system reduces energy costs, lessens campus energy requirements from the regional electric grid, eliminates the use of typical cooling system chemicals, operates quietly and improves the appearance of the building that serves as the visual centerpiece of the campus by eliminating the need for window-mounted air conditioners.

As part of the install, LIU Post received an $80,000 rebate from LIPA, further shortening the payback period of this renewable energy system. In fact, cooling of these two buildings in the summer time is done now using less than half the electric consumption that was used prior to its installation.