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Solar Panels

C.W. Post's New Solar Panel SystemIn September 2010, LIU Post began powering its Facilities Services building with a new 10-kilowatt solar generating system. The photovoltaic panels, which are ground-mounted on a 700-square-foot pad, will provide about 15 percent of the electric power used at the Facilities Services building every year.

On average, the solar panels will generate 15,000 kilowatt-hours per year, saving LIU Post approximately $3,000 in annual energy costs.

Incentives from the Long Island Power Authority lowered the cost of the solar panels from $84,000 to $40,000. The solar panel project is expected to pay for itself through energy cost savings within 14 years.

In addition to being very visible, the energy produced by the solar panels can be tracked in real time on a TV monitor that is located inside the Facilities Services building. The TV monitor gives a graphic display of how much energy LIU Post is purchasing from LIPA, how much energy the solar panel system is producing, and the total energy consumption of the building.

William Kirker shows a new TV monitor displays the energy savedThe monitor also displays how much energy LIU Post saves per day and per month, as well as how much that equates to in gallons of oil, pounds of carbon dioxide, and dollars saved.

Since its installation, the solar panels have saved over 1,700 gallons of oil, 25,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, and over $6,300.
Anyone interested in viewing this information may do so by visiting the Facilities Services building during regular hours of operation.