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Electronic Waste Recycling Program

E-Waste Recycling Program Electronic waste, or E-Waste for short, is all discarded, obsolete, broken, electrical or electronic devices. Examples of e-waste include computers, TVs, laptops, cell phones, printers, cables, and other electronic devices. Essentially, anything that is electrically powered is e-waste.

Often, e-waste contains hazardous materials that are not suitable for regular disposal methods, which is why LIU Post is committed to the proper disposal of all e-waste generated on campus.

LIU Post has tried to make it as convenient as possible for all members of the campus community to recycle their e-waste.

For departments or offices that have electronic waste that is no longer useful to them, please contact Information Technology at x2281. Discarded electronic waste will be either redistributed to other offices, salvaged for usable parts, or, if obsolete, recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Any batteries and/or liquids must be removed from your e-waste prior to being recycled and household e-waste should NOT be sent to IT, unless IT or Facilities Services advertises otherwise.

Periodically, students will have the opportunity to recycle their e-waste at special collection events such as the "End of the Year Move Out".

For more details on what you can recycle through this program, please refer to the following e-waste recycling guide.

For any questions, please contact William Achnitz, the Graduate Assistant for Sustainability, at x2623 or