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Recycling in Academic and Administrative Offices

Every academic and administrative office should be equipped with recycling bins for paper and cardboard.

Recycling in Academic and Administrative Offices

What Can You Recycle?

• Paper

☺ Computer Paper/Copy Paper
☺ Newspapers/Magazines/Catalogs
☺ Bond Paper/Letterhead
☺ Blueprints
☺ File Folders
☺ Restaurant Menus/Flyers
☺ Advertising/Junk Mail/Color Inserts
☺ School/Office/Fax Paper
☺ Manila Envelopes
☺ Telephone Books
☺ Envelopes (with or without cellophane windows

• Paperboard

☺ Pizza Boxes
☺ Cereal Boxes
☺ Shoe Boxes
☺ Soda Boxes
☺ TV Dinner Boxes

• Paperboard

Cardboard - If a cardboard box is too large, please flatten it and place it next to your paper recycling bin. Your building's custodial staff will remove and recycle this cardboard.

Also, please make sure everything is free of food waste before recycling it. Otherwise, it will contaminate the other recyclables and cause all contents of the bin to be thrown out!

If you have any questions, or need paper recycling bins for your office, please contact Facilities Services at x2277.

Other Items to Recycle

Light Bulbs - Facilities Services manages all overhead building lights. Please contact them at x2277 to address any of your overhead lighting concerns. LIU Post does recycle all affected lamps including but not limited to fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Furniture - If your office has any surplus furniture or office equipment, before discarding, contact Facilities Services at x2277. They may be able to give your furniture a second life.

Printer Cartridges - Please see Ink & Toner Recycling Program.

Electronic Waste - Please see E-Waste Recycling Program.