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Recycling in the Residence Halls

In every residence hall, there are two blue recycling bins located in either the lobby or the microwave room of the 1st floor.

Recycling in the Residence Halls

Recycling in the Residence HallsRecycling in the Residence Halls

What Can You Recycle


We accept all plastics numbered 15, & 7 - We do NOT accept 6.

The numbers are located within the chasing arrows.

Recycling in the Residence Halls

#1 - PET - Soft drink, water & mouthwash bottles
#2 - HDPE - Milk jugs, juice, shampoo & detergent bottles
#3 - V or PVC - Cooking oil & glass cleaner bottles
#4 - LDPE - Grocery, bread & dry cleaning bags, squeezable bottles
#5 - PP - Straws, bottle caps, medicine bottles, butter tubs
#7 - Miscellaneous - Usually a mixture of various plastics, like DVD & iPod cases, food containers


☹ Styrofoam products (foam cups, plates, packing material)
☹ Plastic eating utensils
☹ Plastic wraps or food wrappers


Aluminum Cans, Foil, Pie Pans, etc.

Tin Cans Soup, Vegetables, Tuna, etc.




☺ Bond Paper/Letterhead
☺ Computer Paper/Copy Paper
☺ Newspapers/Magazines/Catalogs
☺ Blueprints
☺ File Folders
☺ Restaurant Menus/Flyer
☺ Advertising/Junk Mail/Color Inserts
☺ Manila Envelopes
☺ Telephone Books
☺ Envelopes (with or without cellophane windows)


☹ Carbon Paper
☹ Food and Drink Containers
☹ Coffee Cups
☹ Food Wrappers
☹ Hanging File Folders
☹ Napkins
☹ Paper Towels or Tissues
☹ Photographs
☹ Wax Papers


Shipping Boxes, Soda Boxes, Pizza Boxes, Shoe Boxes, Cereal Boxes, etc.

All recyclables should be emptied, rinsed, and free of food debris.

Please make sure everything is free of food waste before recycling it, otherwise it will contaminate the other recyclables and cause all contents of the bin to be thrown out!


Please recycle all of your spent batteries (any size, any brand) in our battery containers. They are located next to the recycling bins in your building or inside your RHD's office.

Recycling in the Residence Halls

If you cannot find your building's container, please contact your RHD.

Laundry Box Program

Each laundry room in every residence hall has a custom made laundry box. Please recycle your laundry detergent bottles and fabric softener boxes here.

Recycling in the Residence Halls

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding recycling in the residence halls, please contact and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.