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Three Bins

Hillwood, Pratt, and Humanities

Due to the generosity of other departments at LIU Post, the Recycling Program has been able to place these large recycling bins in high traffic areas around campus.

They are colloquially known as "Three Bins" being that they have three slots for Plastic, Paper, and Cans.

Recycle Big Bin

Currently, they are located in the lobbies of Hillwood Commons, Humanities Hall, and the Pratt Recreation Center.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Hillwood Bin - Donated by Aramark Dining Services in 2009
Pratt Bin - Donated by Recreational Sports in 2010
Humanities Bin - Donated by Facilities Services in 2012

Interested in funding one of these bins on campus?

Contact William Achnitz, the Graduate Assistant for Sustainability, at x2623 or