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The Institute of Education for Social Justice sponsors a variety of programs, lectures, seminars, films, and campus events. The Institute brings together faculty, students, and administrators to explore issues of social justice across the spectrum of educational fields. These events provide the campus community with the opportunity to reflect upon the connection between teaching, learning, and civic responsibility.

The activities of the Institute of Education for Social Justice are designed to:

  • Enhance student sensitivity to racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious differences
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration concerning issues of social justice in research and teaching
  • Stimulate critical thinking about social problems arising from sexism, racism, homophobia, economic inequality, and discrimination
  • Foster dialogue and open debate concerning standards of social justice with the aim of creating an inclusive vision of community
  • Promote the values of collaboration, mutual respect, and cooperation as central feature of campus and civic life

The Institute of Education for Social Justice hosts many events concerning social justice. These include:

  • Community and University Events
  • Faculty Events
  • Conferences
  • Student Events