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Frank Brady

Associate Professor of Education

B.A. History & Psychology;
H.D.E., Higher Diploma in Secondary Education;
D.P.E., Diploma in Primary Education;
St. Patrick’s College (Dublin, Ireland)
M.A. Physical Education/Motor Learning;
Ed.D., Physical Education, New York University


Frank Brady, one of a family of ten, was raised on a small farm in the West of Ireland.  He was an avid athlete as a youth, playing Gaelic football, hurling, soccer, handball as well as running cross country.  Frank qualified as both a secondary and primary school teacher.  He began his teaching career in a small rural primary school.  By the time Frank decided to take a career break in the late seventies, he was in sole charge of a one-teacher school, teaching all aspects of the curriculum to children ranging in age from four to fourteen.

Once in the United States, Frank availed of the great opportunities and flexibility of the higher educational system.  In a way his avocation became his vocation as Frank sought to obtain academic credentials in physical education, fitness and sports, activities that he cherished.  While holding a great variety of different jobs and also playing several sports, he eventually graduated N.Y.U. with a Masters and Doctorate.

He joined the Dept. of Health & Physical Education at C.W. Post, first as an instructor, and progressed to the rank of a full professor.  Besides being at Post for the last quarter of a century, Frank has also been an adjunct professor at NYU, Lehman College and Queens College at various times.  He is a former Chair of the Department and currently Director of the Coaching Certificate Program. 

Since joining academia, Dr. Brady’s research interests have been primarily in Motor Learning, specifically in the area of practice.  He has published numerous articles on this topic, which have been frequently cited in the literature as well as being incorporated into the prevailing textbooks.  In addition Dr. Brady has also published articles on youth sports.  Besides his teaching and scholarship, Dr. Brady has also published articles on a variety of topics in the public press, running the gamut of the New York Post to The New York Times.  Indeed, Dr. Brady has also been the focus of a chapter in a book titled, “The Lifelong Season” by Keith Duggan, one of Ireland’s premier sports journalists with The Irish Times.  Dr. Brady also writes a weekly sports column in the Irish Echo. 

Dr. Brady continues to enjoy his academic career while still maintaining a very active lifestyle.  He loves to play golf, more so when he relieves the Deans of a few dollars, plus racquetball and still picks up silverware in road races.  In addition he has acquired a number of vintage cars from the thirties and regularly takes part in vintage drives in the summer.  Dr. Brady states that when you love what you do, work is rarely a chore.


Motor Learning, Youth Sports


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1981, New York University:  The Dr. Watson L. Savage Memorial Award for Evidence of Exceptional Aptitude and Potential in the Field of Physical Education

Professional Affiliations

American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
American College of Sports Medicine
American Counseling Association
Member of New York State for Professional Preparation of Physical Education
New York State AHPERD