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Anthony Capetandes

Administrator, Program Director, Clinical Laboratory SciencesAdjunct Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences

B.S., Long Island UniversityM.S., Ph.D., New York Medical College


Fifteen years of teaching undergraduate and graduate courses related to the clinical laboratory sciences and other health care professions. Publications include papers on growth factor expression by cells stimulated by inflammatory mediators, growth control of endothelial cells, keratinocytes and pneumocytes. Additional research interests include the investigation of thrombotic events in apparent heparin resistant patients. Education research interests include the determination of intellectual and behavioral predictors of success by applicants to health care professional programs. Employment included over fifteen years as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.


Physiology and Cell Biology; Clinical Laboratory Sciences in Chemistry, Hematology and Immunohematology


Co-author, Capetandes A, Horne NS, Frieri MA. The effect of Dermatophagoides extract on the growth of confluent type II epithelial cells (cA549) and human lung mesenchymal cells. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol October 95(4):381-8, 2005.

Co-author, Capetandes, A., Di Salvo, J., Ronan, JD and Thomas, KA. Identification of  immunoreactive acidic fibroblast growth factor in the myenteric nerve plexus of bovine large intestine.  J. Histochem Cytochem 48(3):407-414, 2000

Co-author, Capetandes A, Gerritsen ME. Simplified methods for consistent and selective culture of bovine retinal endothelium and pericytes. Invest. Ophthal. Vis. Sci., 31: 1738, 1990.

Professional Affiliations

American Society of Clinical Pathologists, Medical Technologist

American Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists