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Thomas Demaria

Thomas P. Demaria

Director, Psychological Services CenterFaculty Admin, Trauma Response TeamAdjunct Professor, LIU Post Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program


Behavioral Medicine; Child, Adolescent and Family Psychology; Cross-Cultural Psychology; Religion; Stress Management; Trauma and Disaster Psychology


  • Co-author, “Innovative Counseling Approaches with Children and Youth,” published by South Nassau Communities Hospital’s World Trade Center Family Center
  • Co-author, “Working with Children Following Disasters”
  • Co-author, “A Community World Trade Center Trauma and Bereavement Counseling Program,” published in Mental Health Responses and Practical Knowledge Gained
  • Co-author, “Predicting Guilt from Irrational Beliefs, Religious, Affiliation and Religiosity,” published in the Journal of Rational-Emotive Therapy