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iPad User Group (iPUG)

Founded in November 2010, the iPad User Group (or “iPUG” for short) is a community of Apple iPad users who exchange ideas, apps, and teaching and learning methods for the mobile device. The discussion group comprises students, faculty and administrative staff and meets each semester and via Facebook. Guest speakers include faculty who incorporate the iPad into classroom learning. Long Island University is the leading educational user of the iPad, distributing units free of charge to new undergraduate students, and discounted units to new graduate students. The iPUG group is sponsored by the LIU Office of Academic Affairs' Teaching and Learning Initiative (TLI), the LIU Post Associate Provost for Student Success, and LIU Post Office of Information Technology. Visit their Facebook page at

Mission of iPUGs

To form a community of users, both in-person and online, interested in working together to explore the potential uses of the Apple iPad in teaching and learning, including the development of new educational apps.