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Honors Communications

Phone: 516-299-2840

The Honors Director and the Program Assistant are in the office Monday through Friday. You may always drop in to make an appointment with Dr. Digby. If she is free when you stop in, you can by-pass making an appointment. Tracey can frequently answer your questions or provide immediate help.

There are four bulletin boards for posted messages. The ones outside the office door and just inside list the Merit Fellowship schedule and changes. Sign-up sheets for ticketed events are also located on the board just inside the office. Study abroad and internship opportunities are posted along with campus events, classes, and lectures that might interest you. Sometimes job opportunities are listed.

You may use the bulletin board in the lounge to leave your friends messages.

Merit Fellowship events packets are on the table inside the front office. On that table you will also find descriptions of core and advanced honors electives and pages of tips that will help you survive the Honors Program, as well as C. W. Post.

Several years ago we implemented an Honors program listserv which turned out to be extremely successful. Please see the Honors Program Assistant to subscribe as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on schedule changes, class information, or upcoming events that may be of interest to you. Within a day or two of subscribing to the listserv you will receive a message through your e-mail account telling you that you have been successfully subscribed. Please follow the instructions to activate your account. If you fail to receive this message or you wait too long to activate the account, see Tracey in the Office. She will subscribe you to the listserv again or send your information to the Information Technology Department and they will subscribe you.

You should also plan to communicate with your teachers, advisors, and friends by e-mail. This is the most efficient way of reaching people fast. Every student is assigned a C.W. Post e-mail address and computing account. To get your individual account, see the Secretary in the Academic Computing Department, which is located on the first floor of the library. If you should need to reach Dr. Digby, her address is Tracey may be reached at If you would like to e-mail a Professor but do not have the e-mail address, you should go to the C.W. Post website and click on the directories option on the first page. The e-mail addresses of most faculty and staff can be found there.

All of your faculty have scheduled office hours, which may change from semester to semester. They also have mailboxes in their department offices. If you have any questions or problems in class, make an appointment to speak with the professor.