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Post & Beyond

Post and Beyond StudentsPost and Beyond: a Celebration of Student Research”- Call for Proposals

Post and Beyond Guidelines:
· Graduate and undergraduate students who are participating in research projects or internships this academic year are encouraged to submit a Poster Proposal Form by March 5th to Dr. Glynis Pereyra, Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
· The definition of undergraduate research proposed by the council on Undergraduate Research is “An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.”
· We are encouraging undergraduates to submit proposals with the understanding that the original contribution to the discipline may not yet be complete, or may be completed in the future by a different student or researcher.
· Graduate students should submit with a complete contribution to the discipline, similar to what would be presented at a professional conference.
· Research mentors should encourage and assist students in preparing their applications.
· Student participants must attend a mandatory poster workshop on March 7th during common hour in Life Science 137
· Student participants must be present during the Symposium on April 24th.
· Poster printing will be paid for by the Division of Student Success, the sponsor for this event.