Department of Health Care and Public Administration

The Department of Health Care and Public Administration offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs that prepare students for positions in hospitals and nursing homes; county, city, town and village governments; school districts; and federal and state agencies. Taught by dedicated faculty, the curriculum stresses leadership, effective performance, problem-solving skills, ethical concerns, and program analysis and implementation in a student-centered environment.

Our degree programs welcome both full-time and part-time students. Undergraduates can pursue the Bachelor of Science degree in either Health Care Administration or Public Administration. Students also can choose five-year Accelerated Programs that lead to both a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration, Health Administration or Political Science and a Master of Public Administration in either field. Undergraduate minors are available in Public Service or Health Care Administration.

NASPAA Accredited - The Commission on Peer Review & AccreditationGraduate programs offer a number of options reflecting real-world priorities: M.P.A. degrees in Public Administration or Health Care Administration; a dual J.D./M.P.A. in Health Care Administration (in conjunction with the Touro Law Center, Central Islip, N.Y.); and an Advanced Certificate in Nonprofit Management or Gerontology. The Master of Public Administration is the only program on Long Island accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration.

Faculty and students are engaged in professional and community activities to help address problems for various health care, governmental, nonprofit and private organizations. The Public Administration honor society, Pi Alpha Alpha, plays an active role in undergraduate life on campus. The Department maintains a strong alumni network, organizes special symposiums with industry experts, and offers opportunities for students to intern in various government, health and social service agencies.

Undergraduate Programs Dual Program Graduate Program
B.S. in Health Care Administration B.S/M.P.A. in Health Care Administration M.P.A. in Health Care Administration
B.S. in Public Administration B.S/M.P.A. in Public Administration M.P.A. in Public Administration

B.F.A. in Arts Management/M.P.A.

J.D./M.P.A. in Health Care Administration

B.A. In Political Science/M.P.A.

Advanced Certificate in Gerontology

Advanced Certificate in Health Informatics

Advanced Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Health Care and Public Administration Department Faculty

Enhanced & Accelerated

Get to work as a leader in the health care and public sector faster through our accelerated five-year Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health programs.

Specialized Fieldwork

All students in the Department of Criminal Justice participate in a practicum, interning in a variety of law enforcement settings. Students are also eligible to spend a semester studying Forensic Psychology in Washington, D.C., at George Washington University.


School of Health Professions and Nursing
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