Social Work


Chair of the Department
Ilene Nathanson, Ph.D.
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Social Work

The Department of Social Work offers undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for practice as a social worker with diverse populations, including individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities including those who are oppressed and discriminated against, in a variety of fields and settings, using a wide range of methods.

Field work in varied settings, including schools, homeless shelters, child and family counseling centers, charitable organizations, senior citizen facilities, and social service agencies enhances academic learning and allows you to make a real impact on a multicultural society. Social Work as a profession is an exciting growth area that offers professional flexibility and personal satisfaction.

Classroom instruction and internship placements are led by a faculty who are locally and nationally recognized for their scholarly contributions to social justice and improving the human condition.

All programs in the Department of Social Work are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), signifying that it meets the highest standards of academic excellence.

Program Goals

The LIU Post Social Work Program’s course of study is designed to prepare students to possess the competencies required in entry-level generalist social work practice (as defined by CSWE) and to continue their education at the graduate level. The program combines classroom and field instruction to prepare students who identify with the values and norms of the social work profession. Graduates of the program are able to understand and influence social policies and employ an evidence-based approach that includes evaluating their own practice as well as relying on research findings and practice wisdom to guide professional decisions.

Our specific program goals state that upon completion of the program, students will be ready to:

  1. Apply critical thinking and engage in evidence-based practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to promote human and social well-being
  2. Identify as professional social workers and practice according to the principles, values and ethics of the profession
  3. Engage in culturally sensitive practice that recognizes how diversity, as the intersectionality of multiple factors, affects human functioning
  4. Apply knowledge of biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual theories in assessment and intervention and respond proactively to changing contexts of practice
  5. Influence social policies to advance social well-being and remove impediments to social and economic justice
Scholarship Opportunities

Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs
B.S. in Social Work Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

Advance Certificate in Forensic Social Work

Focused M.S.W.

In a broad field, it's important to develop a specialty to increase your effectiveness and marketability. At LIU Post you'll have a choice of five concentration areas and engage in interdisciplinary collaboration.


A Diverse, Rewarding Profession

Social work is a career that offers substantial professional flexibility and opportunity to make a real impact on the people within your community and beyond. Discover some of the many paths available for social workers.



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