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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LIU Post require supplemental applications?

LIU Post does not require a supplemental application.

Does LIU Post require an essay?

The only essay required for the LIU Post application is the one requested by the CSDCAS application.

You will be asked to describe the personal qualities and experiences that make you well suited to the profession of speech-language pathology.

Does LIU Post require letters of recommendation?

LIU Post requires 3 letters of recommendation.  Letters of recommendation should be sent directly to CSDCAS and are accepted electronically ONLY.  The applicant must provide a valid email address when filling out the reference section. 

Does LIU Post require GRE scores?

LIU Post requires GRE scores. The code for submitting GRE scores for your LIU Post CSDCAS application is 1866.

If I’ve take the GRE in the past, can I submit those scores rather than retake the exam?

LIU Post will accept test scores within a 5-year period.

If I have taken courses at more than one university, do I need to send CSDCAS all my transcripts?

Yes, an official transcript for EVERY institution you attended must be sent to CSDCAS, even if the courses and transfer credits are listed on your primary institution’s transcript. This includes courses taken in study abroad programs, if the grades are not reflected on your primary transcript. CSDCAS will not release your application to LIU Post until they receive all official transcripts.  Advanced Placement test scores and transcripts for college courses taken during high school are not required.

If I’ve applied to LIU Post in the past, must I apply through CSDCAS for this September and must I submit all new transcripts, letters and scores


Do you accept applications on a rolling basis?


Is there an additional fee for applying to LIU Post for the Speech Language Pathology program?

No, the only application fees are those charged by CSDCAS.

Does LIU Post require an interview?

Highly qualified candidates are invited to interview.  A spontaneous writing sample may be required at the time of the interview.

Additional FAQ

CSDCAS posts Frequently Asked Questions on the applicant portal, which can be accessed even before an application is created via this link
Please read the FAQs before submitting your application.