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M.S. in Educational Technology (Blended Format)

LIU Post MS in Educational Technology

The next two-to-three decades are poised to be the most exciting and change-filled times in the history of education. Just as technology has forever altered non-school communications in the past two decades, it is now in position to, and will, alter education, the largest communications business we know, in similar ways. Education will very be different, and it must be because we have the constantly expanding Internet and an evolving virtual world of learning.

The program itself is different; it is taught in a blend of online and in-person delivery methods. It represents and uses many of the changes that are beginning to occur and will continue throughout your career.

The 30-credit M.S. in Educational Technology program is taught at various sites on Long Island and via online coursework. Completion of this program satisfies New York State requirements for professional certification. The M.S. in Educational Technology provides an opportunity to qualify for New York State Certification*(Educational Technology Specialist) that can enhance your career options.

Educational Technology, M.S. (Blended)

Approximately half of the class sessions in this program are delivered online with the remaining class sessions delivered face-to-face.



Long Island University’s M.S. in Educational Technology program is offered in various locations on Long Island in person and between those sessions online. Learn more…


The program combines online and in-person experiences in technology skills and applications with a focus on the K-12 environment for every course. To read our course descriptions, click here.

Open House/Interviews

Open House/Interviews for Fall 2014 through Spring 2016 cohorts begin in November 2013. For additional information, click here.

Find Out How Good You Really Are.

Kavanaugh AmandaAmanda Kavanagh, Class of 2010, M.S. in Educational Technology
"With teaching jobs being scarce and standards constantly changing and becoming more complex, I think one of the most important things for educators today is to be ahead of the curve." Read more...


The program is designed for K-12 teachers with initial or professional certification. Applicants must have a 2.5 overall GPA and 2.75 major G.P.A. from an accredited bachelor's degree program to qualify. An interview with a program faculty member is required. Read more


This graduate program is offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer from September 2014 to May 2016. Students earn the M.S. in Educational Technology in two years, taking courses online and in person in the field. Learn more


The program is offered at a one-third tuition discount and welcomes a cohort class of 20 students at each school district location. Learn more

*Non-certification option: There is also an option to take the master's degree program without prior education certification and without expectation of the State awarding certification at the end of the program. One or two people in each cohort often join us in this category. The State has approved the program in two ways - "for certification" and "non-certification." Speak with Dr. Schneiderman at if you are interested in the "non-certification" option.