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Each cohort may have slightly different courses or course sequencing and timing, which is determined based on the target cohorts and before recruitment begins for each.

Fall 2014 (6 credits)

The program builds a foundation of skills and understanding of 21st century pedagogical possibilities for the rest of the program.

EDI 661 Transforming communities of practice: Applications, technologies, & implementation 82

EDI 662 Transforming communities of practice: Technology-rich learning environments 75

Spring 2015 (6 credits)

Beginning early in 2014 (January and February) a review of learning disabilities and technology, and then the March through June courses are designed to begin developing internet based learning and developing assessment models for them.

EDI 908B – Assistive and Instructional Technologies for Individuals with Disabilities: Current Research and Practice

EDI 812 – Designing Internet-based Instruction for the K-12 Classroom (March-June)

EDI 746 – Outcomes Assessment for Educational Technologists (March-June)

Summer 2015 (3 credits)

An opportunity to attend the International Society for Technology in Education national conference is part of this course.

EDI 664 Found. of Ed. Tech.: Learning Theories, Critical Thinking, & Technologies for Teaching and Learning (January/February, 2014)

Fall 2015 (6 credits)

As the program moves into its final 12 credits, students dig deep into the research about digital learning and evaluating it while developing their own online, multi-mediated models.

EDI 686 - Foundations of Educational Technology II: Fundamentals of Educational Research in Technology-Enriched Learning and Evaluation

EDI 663 - Technologies in the 21st century: Applying Digital Media and Multimedia in Teaching and Learning

Spring 2016 (6 credits)

The program closes with students envisioning as future in education where technologies may be extensively used and how to move there. They complete their own technology based learning models.

EDI 776A - Culminating Experience: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities for Applying Technologies in Learning Systems

EDI 776B - Culminating Experience: Actualizing Systemic Technology-Based Learning