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Program Goals

By taking a broad range of courses in the liberal arts and sciences and pursuing professional practice in early child care and education, students will emerge with professional dispositions, skills and competencies to educate the young child, from infancy to second grade. Under the guidance of faculty mentors, students will:

  • Develop sensitivity to and critical awareness of young children’s voices and transform their practice in ways that are child-centered and facilitative of children’s needs
  • View learners from an empowerment perspective, acknowledging and building upon their cultural, racial, ethnic and linguistic abilities
  • Strengthen and expand their awareness of modes of representations through which young children express their thought and creativity
  • Reinvent themselves as teachers and shape their personal and professional views of learners and learning, teachers and teaching, and learning environments
  • Develop observation, reflection and documentation skills to effectively create, structure and design educational environments that support learning
  • Engage in pedagogical research, generate hypotheses and theories and apply the knowledge that they generate into educational dilemmas
  • Acknowledge the importance of creating partnerships with families and members of the community as a way to support and nurture every child’s potential