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Plan of Study


Core Courses (24 Credits)

  • Pro-Seminar in the Philosophy of Science and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Educational Studies
  • Multiple Perspectives on Educational Policy Analysis and the History of Education
  • Organizational Theory: Approaches to Studying and Analyzing School Organizations
  • Psychological, Sociological and Cultural Aspects of Human Development
  • School and Community: Policy and Practices
  • Applied Research Design in Educational Studies
  • Educational Research Methods I
  • Educational Research Methods II

Advanced Courses (18 credits)

  • Bilingual and Second Language Acquisition
  • Sociopolitical Contexts of Multicultural Education
  • Collaborative Team Models in Education
  • Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning
  • Contemporary Issues in Assessment and Evaluation
  • Facilitating Transitions Throughout the Educational Process
  • Critical Issues and Trends in Pre-K – 16 Education
  • Educational Reform: An Interdisciplinary Theoretical Perspective
  • Perspectives on Leadership, Restructuring and Teacher Empowerment
  • Public and Community Relations: Creating an Environment Conducive to Educational Reform
  • School Reform: Instructional Leadership in Pre-K – 16 Settings
  • Seminar in Fiscal, Legal and Human Resource Issues in School Renewal and Reform

Dissertation Courses (9 credits)

  • Dissertation Seminar
  • Doctoral Candidate Colloquium Workshop
  • Dissertation Advisement (3 credits, repeated every semester while dissertation research is in progress)

In addition to course requirements within a cohort format, students are expected to develop and present a comprehensive portfolio related to a set of pedagogical goals selected in consultation with the doctoral advisor. Also, after completing the eight core courses and six advanced courses, students must pass a written and oral comprehensive examination that deals with the synthesis and application of material presented in the program. Finally, students must complete a doctoral dissertation and pass an oral defense of it.