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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete my Ed.D.?

The basic coursework for the Ed.D. program will take 2 ½ years. You begin to work on your dissertation during the spring semester of your third year and then you continue to enroll until you successfully defend your dissertation.

When do I start my dissertation?

You begin your dissertation during the spring semester of your third year.

What type of dissertation will I have to write?

Your dissertation will demonstrate an understanding of the complex issues involved in affecting meaningful change in educational policies and practices. You will have the opportunity to organize events from multiple perspectives and a variety of disciplines to better comprehend complex educational problems.

What type of job can I get with this degree?

Your Ed.D. degree will provide an excellent foundation for careers in teaching and research, curriculum development, educational leadership, and educational policy analysis as well as for life-long learning.

When are Classes?

Cohorts will begin each fall. You will take six credits in the fall, spring and summer for the first two years. In the third year, you will complete your basic coursework in the fall (six credits) and then for the spring and summer semesters you will take three credits a semester to work on your dissertation. This will continue through the fourth year and beyond until your dissertation is approved.

What GPA do I have to maintain?

You have to maintain a “B” (3.0 or higher) average.

Will field experiences be required in this program?

Field experiences per se will not be required in this program. However, your dissertation may involve field work.

Do I have to know statistics?

You do not need a prior knowledge of statistics. However, you will cover statistics in your research courses.

When do I select an advisor?

An advisor will be assigned to you during your first semester. In addition, the doctoral faculty and program director will be available to assist you throughout your course of study.

What is the profile of the student body?

Prospective students might involve elementary and secondary teachers, special education teachers, special area teachers, school counselors, speech pathologists, and administrators as well as professional museum and higher education staff.

Is this type of program offered elsewhere or is LIU Post the first university to offer it?

LIU Post is the first university in the tri-state area to offer this interdisciplinary program.

What are the credentials of the faculty?

The faculty of the School of Education have substantial expertise in applying interdisciplinary perspectives to education through partnering with school districts in the Long Island, New York metropolitan area. Faculty members demonstrate competence in this field through excellence in teaching, research and commitment to the program.