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Department of Educational Leadership and Administration

Educational Leadership and AdministrationThe Department of Educational Leadership and Administration offers master’s degrees and advanced certificates that enable talented educators and newcomers to the field to achieve positions of leadership in public and private school districts. The Department’s academic programs address the issues facing modern elementary and secondary education, including decision-making; curriculum-writing; human relations; adapting programs to keep up with emerging knowledge and changing social circumstances; the influence of politics and public policy on education; education law; and school business. The full-time and adjunct faculty of the department includes experienced school administrators who are former administrators, principals, chief financial officers and superintendents of schools.

Our graduates attain meaningful positions at every level of school administration, including principal, school district business leader and superintendent of schools. They bring to these roles the knowledge and skills required to navigate economic, political and social obstacles and deliver the education that will enable our children and our communities to prosper.