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Message from the Department Chairman

Dr. Arnold Dodge, Ph.D., Chairman, Department of Educational Leadership and AdministrationWelcome to the Department of Educational Leadership and Administration. The Department boasts a long history of certifying school administrators who have gone on to lead departments, schools and districts throughout the region and the country. Our alumni return often to guest-lecture in our classes; they speak of the outstanding training they received in our program, preparing them for the challenges of school leadership.

Our master’s degree and advanced certificates provide our students with the skill base and dispositions to lead schools in the 21st Century. We offer programs for aspiring school level and district level leaders as well as programs for future school business officials.

Topics covered in our course offerings include school law, curricular concerns, supervision of staff, principles of management and leadership, data analysis, technology integration, school finance and school district administration. Our dedication not only to the technical aspects of management but to the civic responsibilities of leadership is apparent in our curriculum and in the inspirational teaching approaches of our faculty. Having strong ties to the regional school districts, our faculty members provide students with career introductions as they seek leadership roles.

I hope you will consider joining the Department of Educational Leadership and Administration as you seek your credentials to become a school leader. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

I look forward to seeing you in class.


Dr. Arnold Dodge, Ph.D., Chairman
Department of Educational Leadership and Administration
School of Education
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