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Message from the Department Chairperson

Nana KochWelcome to the Department of Health, Physical Education and Movement Science!  The mission of the Department of Health, Physical Education and Movement Science is to carefully prepare competent, caring and qualified teachers to meet the ever-growing needs in our pluralistic society for wellness, motor proficiency and fitness among school-aged K-12 students. To achieve this mission, the Department has attracted a cadre of highly qualified and respected faculty who specialize in the related disciplines of health education and physical education. The faculty members are exemplary teachers who, through their expertise and personal attention to student needs and abilities, create an optimal pedagogical environment where students strive to achieve their full potential as highly qualified educators. Students not only learn the principles inherent in the major theoretical concepts in health, physical education, fitness and motor skill development, they also gain extensive authentic field experiences that serve to facilitate the application of theory to practice.

To infuse and innovate their pedagogical techniques with emerging philosophies and state-of-the-art practices, faculty members engage in scholarly pursuits. Their research activities have been published in prestigious refereed journals and reflected in diverse presentations at professional conferences.
A major strength of the Department is the commitment of faculty to the education, welfare and success of their students. In addition the Department has established exemplary partnerships with school districts on Long Island, thereby greatly facilitating the field experience available to students in methods classes and the employment opportunities for graduates.

Please browse through the Department’s Web site to learn more about our overall program, the three undergraduate degree options and our two 18-credit minor programs in Sports Management and Equine Studies. If you wish to become a health, physical education or dual major, I will gladly meet with you to discuss your career plans.  I’m available to speak with you about any of your concerns and ideas.

Nana Koch, Ed.D., Chairperson
Department of Health, Physical Education and Movement Science
College of Education, Information and Technology
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Phone: 516-299-2671