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Specialization in Sport Medicine Design

Sports medicine is a complex branch of health care that consists of a wide variety of professionals, including doctors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, nurses, emergency medical technicians, coaches and more. Students taking high school sports medicine courses are learning how these professionals use their medical knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize and rehabilitate injuries related to sport, exercise and recreational activity.

High school sports medicine is a cutting-edge physical education elective program that is growing rapidly in high schools throughout New York State.

School districts are looking for teachers who can bring new, exciting programs to their schools. LIU Post students completing the Sports Medicine Design Specialization within the Bachelor of Science in Physical Education program will have the skills, knowledge and experience to design, develop and teach an “Introduction to Sports Medicine” program in a high school setting, which may give them an advantage when applying for teaching positions.

High School Sports Medicine Programs Give Students:

  • A sound anatomical foundation
  • Knowledge and skills relevant to injury prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitatio
  • Hands-on experiences that create opportunities for early career path discovery

Pre-Requisite Courses

PE 106 Fitness and Conditioning
PE 202 First Aid
PE 203 Kinesiology and Biomechanics
PE 250 Physiology of Exercise I
PE 255 Motor Learning

Required Courses

PE 257 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
PED 271 Sports Medicine Design – A curriculum design course
PED 295 Practicum in Specialization – Gives students field experience in their specialization

Students are required to complete 40 hours of field work plus five hours of seminar. Time is divided into experiences with high school sports medicine teachers and certified athletic trainers and in a clinical rehabilitation setting.


PE 290 Physiology of Exercise II

Other Requirements

  • Students taking the Sports Medicine Design Specialization must have completed all lower division major coursework. (This includes all courses below the 270 number.)
  • Five credits of the specialization must be completed before student teaching.
  • One credit of practicum is taken with student teaching.

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