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Degree Requirements

The master's program requires students to complete 36 credits, 30 of which must be in library and information science. There are 15 credits of required courses, which includes an internship.

Under the guidance of a Faculty Advisor, students plan a course of study which develops competency in a particular area, such as information access and retrieval, information science, corporate information center management, bibliographic control, children's and young adult services, and public librarianship, to name a few. The School's Faculty Advisors and Academic Advisor have copies of sample plans of study in a wide range of areas to help students develop individualized plans of study that suit their career interests.

An additional 21 credits of electives can be taken from a broad array of courses that are tailored to suit individual career objectives.

Courses required (15 credits) for the Master of Science in Library and Information Science degree are:
LIS 510 Introduction to Library & Information Science
LIS 511 Information Sources & Services
LIS 512 Introduction to Knowledge Organization
LIS 514 Introduction to Research in Library & Information Science
LIS 690 Internship or LIS 691 Internship for School Librarians