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Program Structure

The Ph.D. program requires 48 credits of course work, plus a minimum of 12 credits of dissertation research.

A minimum of six credits of course work must be taken in each of the first two semesters of study. The remaining 36 credits of course work may be completed at a varying pace. In addition to the course work, students must successfully pass a comprehensive examination, defend a dissertation proposal and, upon completion of the approved research, defend the dissertation. A typical program is as follows:

  • Required first-year doctoral level courses (12 credits)
  • Elective course work (36 credits):
    - Elective doctoral level courses (18 credits minimum)
    - Elective advanced master’s level courses or independent studies (0 – 9 credits)
    - Elective co-related courses (9 credits)
  • Comprehensive examination
  • Dissertation proposal preparation
  • Dissertation proposal defense
  • Dissertation research
  • Dissertation defense
  • Graduation