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Scholarly Communications and Information Innovation Lab

How can professionals and the public access, utilize and trust the proliferation of scientific and medical information available to them? How can online service providers improve their performance, delivering more robust and useful content? Google, Yahoo and other online search engine giants have a critical need for focused research from academic sources that can guide them as they strive to expand their business models and expertise, seeking to bring relevant information to a broader consumer base. The Scholarly Communications and Information Innovation Lab (SCIIL) is designed to support all of these issues, and has already undertaken some significant projects including: research on how researchers perceive value in journals; new trends in online learning in higher education; a new online course in Scholarly Communications and Electronic Publishing; and a new database project tracking evidence based metrics for scholarly communications materials and media. The SCIIL is under the leadership of Dr. John Regazzi, professor in the College of Education and Information Sciences and Ms. Selenay Aytac, Library Faculty, Long Island University.