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Program Requirements

All students must take a minimum of 15 credits (Plan I) or 21 credits (Plan II) from these foundation courses, including BIO 500, which is required of all majors in either plan:

Courses Credits
BIO 500 Biology Graduate Seminar – REQUIRED 1
BIO 503 Modern Concepts of Evolution 3
BIO 505 Sources in Biological Research 3
BIO 510 Molecular Biology 4
BIO 513 Biological Chemistry I 3
BIO 518 Ecology 4
BIO 520 Cell Biology 3
BIO 525 Eukaryotic Genetics 3
BIO 528 Developmental Biology 4

Plan I: Thesis Option

A student selecting this degree option must complete a minimum of 30 credits:
15 credits from the foundation courses, one of which must be BIO 500 (Biology Graduate Seminar); three credits each of BIO 707 and 708 respectively (i.e., Research and Preparation of Thesis); and nine additional credits in Biology. A student planning to go on to further graduate study is strongly urged to take an additional six credits of coursework. As soon as possible after matriculation, a student planning to enter Plan I should select a mentor to aid in choosing a thesis topic and completing a thesis which must consist of original research.

Plan II: Non-Thesis Option

A student selecting this degree option must complete 36 credits including at least 21 credits from among the foundation courses, one of which must be BIO 500 (Biology Graduate Seminar). Courses beyond the required foundation courses may be chosen from among elective courses offered each semester. Upon acceptance into the biology graduate program, the student should make an appointment to meet with the Biology Department’s graduate director. During this meeting, the student and counselor will discuss degree requirements and complete a tentative Plan of Study and registration forms.

Each grade below B- is considered a deficiency. Two deficiency grades will result in probation. Three deficiency grades will result in dismissal. It is the student’s responsibility to bring any deficiencies to the attention of the graduate committee chairperson. Questions concerning the graduate program should be taken to the graduate director. A maximum of six biology credits may be accepted as transfer credits from other schools, but these courses may not be applied toward the M.S. in Biology without prior written approval from the department chairperson. Limited modifications in the required courses may be made with the approval of the department chairperson and graduate director.