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Program Requirements

All Biology majors (except those pursuing degrees in adolescence education) are required to complete CLA 6, CHM 3 and 4, MTH 7 and 8, CHM 21 and 22, and PHY 3 and 4.

Transfer students entering with one semester of organic chemistry and one semester of biochemistry will satisfy the one-year organic chemistry requirement.

Transfer students please note that at least 15 advanced biology credits must be taken in the Department of Biology at LIU Post.

It is advisable for pre-medical and pre-dental students to take the admission tests (MCAT or DAT) in the spring of their junior year, and they should plan to complete their required CHM 3, 4, 21 and 22 and PHY 3 and 4 no later than the end of that year.

Candidates for the Bachelor of Art degree in Biology must complete BIO 103, 104 and 105, by the end of the freshman year and BIO 107, 108, 109 and 110 by the end of the junior year. BIO 111 must be taken in the senior year. In addition, students must take a minimum of two advanced Biology courses, at least one from the cell/molecular advanced electives (BIO 200-249) and at least one from the ecology/evolution electives (BIO 250-290). Undergraduate research courses (BIO 297, 298 & 299) may not be used as advanced biology electives, but may be taken for general elective credit with the permission of the department chair.

Graduate Courses

Juniors and seniors with a 3.25 cumulative average may take up to 12 credits of 500-level graduate courses to satisfy advanced biology elective credits. Written approval is required from the appropriate academic counselor, chair, and dean.