B.S. in Chemistry

This program, which is endorsed by the American Chemical Society (ACS), is an excellent choice if your goal is to pursue a career as a chemist or to earn a master’s degree in the field. You will graduate from this program with valuable research skills and a firm grasp of the laws and theories of modern chemistry. The 129-credit Bachelor of Science program requires advanced chemistry courses such as “Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds,” “Analytical Instrumentation” and “Advanced Inorganic Chemistry.” You will earn ACS certification upon completion of your B.S. degree.

The B.S. in Chemistry is ideal preparation for a wide range of rewarding careers in such fields as pharmaceuticals, forensic science, metallurgy, plastics, education, engineering, agriculture, biotechnology and environmental science.

Check out the LIU Post Undergraduate Bulletin to learn about degree requirements, course descriptions, and more.


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jeffrey Belnap, Dean
Location, Room 126

Joan Ruckel
Executive Assistant to the Dean