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Program Requirements

Required Program Junior-Senior Years

Junior Year:

Criminal Justice 76 and 44, plus 3 credits – Criminal Justice undergraduate elective. College requirements, 12 credits; correlative courses, 6 credits.

Senior Year:

Completion of 12 graduate credits of Criminal Justice in addition to completion of traditional undergraduate requirements.

In order to be advanced in the program, the student must maintain a 3.0 cumulative average in the courses outlined above.

Admission into the Graduate Program

Upon completion of 129 credits, the student will be awarded 12 credits of advanced standing in the master’s program. The 12 credits of advanced standing will include six credits in required courses (Criminal Justice 699, Foundations of Scholarship, and Criminal Justice 700 Research Design and Methods) and six graduate elective credits in criminal justice. These 12 credits are to be completed during the senior year. The student will now be asked to complete 24 credits in the master’s program rather than the required 36 credits. After completing the 24 credits, again meeting all graduate requirements in the master’s program, the student will be awarded both the B.A. and M.S. degree in Criminal Justice. However, if the student does not complete the master’s portion of the program during the allotted five-year limit for any graduate student, and does not receive an extension to do so, the student will receive the B.A. degree and any successfully completed graduate credits above the 129 will not be credited toward a graduate degree.