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Program Requirements

Criminal Justice Required Courses:

CRJ 11 Introduction to Criminal Justice**
CRJ 20 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice***
CRJ 23 Theories of Crime**
CRJ 30 Gender and the Law
CRJ 37 Foundation for Scholarship
CRJ 38 Methods of Criminal Justice Research
CRJ 41 Criminal Law
CRJ 44 Police and Community Relations
CRJ 68 Correctional Philosophy
CRJ 76 Criminal Procedure
CRJ 85 Criminal Justice Practicum***
(6 Credits)***

* All non-Criminal Justice majors – all criminal justice classes can be taken with no prerequisites
** All Criminal Justice majors are required to have CRJ 11 and 23 as prerequisites or co-requisites for CRJ 20, 30, 37, 38, 41, 44, 68, 76 and 85. There are no prerequisites for Criminal Justice elective courses.
*** Criminal justice majors must take CRJ 20 and 85 in their senior year.
**** In service students may substitute CRJ 85 by completing two advanced courses in Criminal Justice.

Criminal Justice Electives 9 Credits

Liberal Arts Requirements and College 101, 51 Credits
Liberal Arts Electives, 4 Credits
Free Electives, 29 Credits


Total Credit Requirements: 129

Please consult the required liberal arts core courses and competencies for criminal justice majors.

Grading Policy

According to the Undergraduate Bulletin for LIU Post, “A grade of incomplete [I or INC] indicates that some of the course requirements have not been completed.” In other words, there is the assumption that the student has contacted the professor and began his/her work for the class in question. If the student cannot complete the rest of his/her requirements for the class in question in the official time allotted for the semester, then the student can request in writing a grade of incomplete. The latter will only be granted for extraordinary reasons not for extra time to complete the requirements of the class.

“A permanent grade of INC will remain on a student’s transcript if the work is not completed by the end of the following semester. If an unusual extension of time becomes necessary to complete the work, the grade change must be approved by the faculty member, the chairperson and the dean. The grade “I” is printed on the transcript along with the final earned grade and the date the work was completed.”