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Program Requirements

In addition to the standard undergraduate degree requirements for English education majors, students in the Accelerated B.S. in Adolescence Education: English/M.A. in English are permitted to take 12 graduate credits during their senior year. Upon the successful completion of the normal 129 undergraduate credits required for graduation, the student will not receive the B.S. degree but will be given 12 credits of advanced standing in the M.A. program. After completing the remaining credits required in the M.A. program (21 credits), the student will be awarded both the B.S. in Adolescence Education: English and the M.A. degree in English.

Note: If the student elects to not enter or complete the M.A. program, he or she will be entitled to the B.S. degree in Adolescence Education: English upon the completion of the required 129 undergraduate credits.

Admission to the Graduate Program

To advance to the graduate portion of this accelerated degree program, you must meet the entrance requirements of the M.A. degree in English. That includes an overall and major GPA of 3.0.