B.A. in English - Literature

Studying literature is a road map to the world around you. At the LIU Post English Department you will travel the past with such great literary voices as Chaucer and Shakespeare, Dickens and the Brontёs. Then you will discover the world through contemporary writers such as James Joyce, Tennessee Williams and Virginia Wolfe. The B.A. in English with a Concentration in Literature offers you an opportunity to explore these great minds of Western civilization, in their own words, on a one-to-one basis. The systematic study of great literature prepares students for a wide variety of careers, including teaching, law, medicine, business and computer science.

In this 129-credit program you will learn to write clearly, to organize and communicate your thoughts and feelings, and to understand what the finest writers of the past and present have said about the enduring issues of identity, morality, spirituality, and material success. Along with a solid grounding in basic composition and a survey of English literature from the Anglo-Saxon period to the 20th century, you can choose from an exciting array of electives that range from “The Bible as Literature” and “The Victorian Rebels” to “The Art of Autobiography“ and “The American Novel.”

The program requires 36 credits, including traditional period, genre and major figure courses, an advanced course in critical writing, and an intensive seminar on a special topic. Since there are required Core Curriculum courses totaling 38 credits, a student majoring in English with a Concentration in Literature has 48 elective credits. Although all students must fulfill various competencies and every B.A. degree requires 96 credits of liberal arts, the student majoring in English with a concentration in literature who elects to fulfill all competency requirements by taking credit courses will still have 32 credits of completely free electives and an additional 16 elective credits in liberal arts. The major in English with a Concentration in Literature offers students both a strong traditional liberal education and many opportunities to explore other disciplines.

With introductory courses in logic and political science, English is an excellent, traditional pre-law major, and with appropriate introductory sequences in the sciences, English is also an excellent pre-medical or pre-dental major. With a minor in Business or Computer Science, a student who majors in English will prepare especially well for many executive positions in business and government.

Check out the LIU Post Undergraduate Bulletin to learn about degree requirements, course descriptions, and more.


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nathaniel Bowditch, Dean

Joan Ruckel
Executive Assistant to the Dean