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B.A. in English with a Concentration in Writing

Student Studying EnglishThe ability to communicate well is a fundamental requirement for personal and professional success. The 129-credit Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in writing is an ideal degree for anyone who wishes to become a professional writer, or who aspires to a career where communication skills are applied. The writing concentration explores various forms of creative expression through course work in literature, creative writing and non-fiction writing. Students pursuing this concentration have the opportunity to take courses in “Academic Writing” (expository, argumentative, creative writing), “Performance Writing” (screenplays, teleplays), “Writing for the Marketplace” (business, public relations), “Rhetorical Theory” (ancient and modern) and “Special Topic Seminars” (letter-writing, theories of composition). The B.A. in English offers students both a strong traditional liberal arts education and many opportunities to explore other disciplines.

Program Goals

  • To develop students’ ability to express ideas and communicate through the written word
  • To provide the appropriate background for careers in writing, journalism, education and other fields
  • To offer challenging and innovative education in writing at the heart of a wide-ranging liberal arts curriculum

Qualities That Set Our Program Apart

  • Professors with expertise across the spectrum of writing, from fiction to journalism
  • Small classes, personal attention and an educational culture that emphasizes interaction and exchange of ideas
  • An examination of literature from classical to modern as well as courses on subjects including screenwriting, playwriting and news writing