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Program Requirements

Literature, 4 courses (12 credits):

ENG 10: Introduction to Literature
ENG 85: Disciplinary Literature in English

English Literature Survey Courses (6 credits):

ENG 7 World Literature I: From Antiquity to the Renaissance
ENG 8 World Literature II: From the Enlightenment to the Present
ENG 11 English Literature: Anglos-Saxon Period to Early Modern
ENG 12 English Literature: Neoclassical Age to Twentieth Century
ENG 21 Shakespeare: Comedies, Histories, Non-Dramatic Poetry
ENG 22 Shakespeare: Tragedies, Romances
ENG 151 American Writers to the Civil War
ENG 251 American Writers Since the Civil War

Creative Writing Courses (6 credits)
ENG 183: Creative Non-Fiction

And one of the following:

ENG 182: Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 282: Fiction Writing
ENG 283: Poetry Writing
ENG 284: Drama Writing

Advanced Writing Courses (9 credits):
ENG 185: Introduction to Theories of Composing and Writing Pedagogy

And two of the following:

ENG 6: Writing in Business
ENG 181: The Art of Expository Writing
ENG 184: Writing and Healing
ENG 186: Writing in the Digital Age
ENG 389: 390: Honors Thesis

Rhetoric/The English Language Courses (9 credits):
ENG 201: The English Language

And two of the following:

ENG 3: Grammar and the Structure of English
ENG 133: Eighteenth-Century Writers on Writing
ENG 202: Varieties of English
ENG 203: The Logic of Conversation
ENG 204: Theories of Persuasion: Ancient and Modern
ENG 205: Sex, Drugs, and Damnation: Letter Writing Through the Renaissance
ENG 389: 390: Honors Thesis