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Program Requirements

Successful completion of a comprehensive examination is required for students in the Master of Arts in Spanish. Graduate students may take the comprehensive examination no more than twice. The student must maintain a minimum average of 3.0 in Spanish in order to remain in good standing in the master’s program. Any student who receives grades below B in two graduate courses is considered to have an academic deficiency. A student who earns a third grade below B may lose his or her matriculated status or may be dismissed from the graduate program. M.A. candidates in Spanish may transfer no more than three credits with prior approval of graduate advisor. Students must take courses when offered by the Department of Foreign Languages in order to assure a timely graduation (SPA 513, SPA 541).

A reading knowledge of a second foreign language is required of all candidates. This requirement may be satisfied by successful completion of two years of college study in the second language, or its equivalent. Passing a qualifying examination in the second language administered by the Department of Foreign Languages in the second language may also satisfy this requirement. If more than five years has elapsed since the student studied the second language, he or she will have to pass the qualifying examination.