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Message from the Department Chair

Sheila Gunther, Chair, Foreign Language DepartmentThe Foreign Language Department, through its bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, enables students to deepen their understanding of another culture while learning to appreciate diverse influences on American civilization. Our strengths lie in our dedicated, distinguished faculty, our small classes and our free tutoring program. We prepare students for a wide variety of careers including business, foreign service and teaching.

Our students develop oral and written skills in a foreign language and learn to communicate precisely and effectively and to think critically. We offer: Bachelor of Arts programs in French, Italian, Spanish Language and Literature; the Bachelor of Science in Adolescence Education: French, Italian, Spanish (Grades 7-12); the Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education with French, Italian and Spanish concentrations, and the Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Languages, as well as minors in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Linguistics, Russian and Spanish.

You can accelerate your studies by enrolling in our five-year combined undergraduate and M.S. degree program in Spanish Education. You can also study more than 30 Critical Languages taught by heritage speakers or take World Literature courses to learn about literature through English translation.

Excellent students can join nationally affiliated honor societies and receive diploma and transcript recognition.

Examine our Web site, peruse our offerings and schedule an appointment by contacting me in the Foreign Language office.

Sheila Gunther
Chair, Foreign Language Department
Associate Professor of Foreign Languages
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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