Foreign Language

B.A. in French

The 129-credit Bachelor of Arts program in French will enable you to communicate fluently in French and prepare you for the many careers in which speaking French is required. Our curriculum encompasses French literature, grammar, history and culture. Courses in composition will hone your fluency in written French, while courses in the culture and civilization of France will explore its social, political, philosophic and aesthetic history. Intriguing electives in such subjects as French theater, poetry and prose literature provide flexibility in planning your course of study.

French majors have a world of career options available upon graduating. Business, schools, health care, government agencies, the media, the financial sector and the travel and tourism industry have an ongoing need for people who are fluent in French.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is excellent preparation for study of French at the graduate level, and an undergraduate degree in French paired with a graduate degree in such areas as business or public administration, medicine or law is a powerful credential with unlimited career potential.

Check out the LIU Post Undergraduate Bulletin to learn about degree requirements, course descriptions, and more.


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jeffrey Belnap, Dean
Location, Room 126

Joan Ruckel
Executive Assistant to the Dean