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Program Requirements

Majors in a foreign language must take 30 credit hours of study in the chosen language beyond level 4. Related courses in World Literature or Foreign Literature in Translation, Linguistics and English 30 are strongly recommended. Majors must also complete 12 credits in a second foreign language. Majors are required to maintain a 2.75 average in the target language. Placement is determined by the Department of Foreign Languages if the student has previous language experience.

Students who received a grade of D, F or P in a level 1, 2, 3 or 4 course may NOT advance to a higher level course in the same language. Any student who gives false information may not receive credit for the current course. An undergraduate academic counselor is available to help students plan their program and resolve academic problems.

Required Courses

Foreign Language I: 30 credits above level 4

Introduction to Literature 11, 12 (6)
Advanced Grammar and Composition 23, 24 (6)
Advanced Conversation 25* (3*)
Culture and Civilization 26, 27 (6)
Advanced Electives 30-49 (9-12)
Advanced Literature 99 (3)

Foreign Language II: 12 credits or the equivalent of level 4

If the student has previous foreign language training, he or she may apply to the department for placement above level 1; however, majors are strongly encouraged to continue the study of the second language at a college level to gain increased proficiency.

*Highly proficient students will be exempted from Course 25 and should take another upper level course.