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B.S. in Health Care Administration

B.S. in Health Care AdministrationThe Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Administration is designed to prepare students for a career in the organization and management of health services. Upon completion of the 129-credit degree program, graduates will be prepared to assume entry and mid-level positions in health care administration. Throughout the course of study, students will acquire a keen understanding of the political, social and economic components of the health services sector through courses that range from statistics to financial management. Special emphasis will be placed upon developing the students’ ability to identify, comprehend, describe and differentiate among the major components of the health services system.

Potential work sites for graduates include positions in large and complex health agencies, ambulatory services programs, regulatory agencies and insurance programs, management positions in nursing homes, group medical practices, and unit management within hospitals. Within the largest hospitals, positions would include assignments in central services, materials management, purchasing, security, admissions and the business office.

Program Goals

Graduates will have the ability to:

  • Lead and manage in public governance
  • Display knowledge of organizational theories
  • Analyze, synthesize, think critically and make decisions
  • Demonstrate creative, thoughtful problem-solving abilities
  • Compile information and synthesize it coherently
  • Solve problems creatively, effectively and ethically