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Department of Mathematics

Students Studying MathematicsA mathematics degree from LIU Post is an excellent foundation for a promising future in practically any profession or discipline. The Department of Mathematics provides numerous undergraduate and graduate level courses that will enable you to master the mathematical methods and sophisticated reasoning and problem-solving skills essential to a wide variety of fields. The department draws upon the intellectual expertise and talent of a distinguished faculty whose interests include topological groups, probability theory, differential geometry, number theory, dynamical systems and computer graphics, real analysis, numerical analysis, abstract algebra, combinatorics, algebraic topology and the history of mathematics.

The bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are designed to provide flexibility while emphasizing mathematical reasoning and problem solving, preparing the student for graduate school or a career in mathematics in secondary school teaching, business, industry, government or academia. A person with a degree in mathematics has career options in many fields. In addition, a degree in mathematics is regarded as excellent preparation for entrance to professional schools of law, medicine or business. Our graduates are teaching in secondary schools, employed as actuaries and computer systems analysts, and many have gone on to prestigious graduate schools, obtained Ph.D.'s and are now teaching in colleges around the country. LIU Post is a test site for the Course I Actuarial Examination given each year in May and November.